Sori's Harvest Moon Day: A Story of Korea (Make Friends Around the World)

Sori's Harvest Moon Day: A Story of Korea - Uk-Bae Lee I don't know what ethnic-Korean adoptees or their parents get from this book (several Goodreads users have marked it "korean-adoption"), but unlike most picture books "about" Korean culture, this one is true and not particularly adapted for US residents. Partly it's because Lee wrote it in Korean and published it in Korea originally; partly it's that the translation is not kind to you if you don't already know things. Sori and her parents take a bus from "the city" to her grandmother's village for "Chu-Suk," the harvest festival, usually rendered "Chuseok" in other texts; they observe charye, which isn't explained; they return home. But the illustrations are simple and clear, down to the songpyeon (not named by the narrative) and the opening cutaway depiction of what various city residents do, and my daughter and I enjoyed it.

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